Pie Contest Winners!

1 Crust Delicious Pie

1st Place: Lisa Lancaster
Fresh Berry Pie
2nd Place: Judy Johnston
Lemon Sponge Pie
3rd Place: Diane Godin
Strawberry Cheese Pie

2 Crust All American Pie

1st Place: Lisa Lancaster
Green Apple Ginger
2nd Place: Abigail Crocker
Plum & Port Pie
3rd Place: Christy Crocker
Summers Fruit Pie

Savory Pie

1st Place: Lisa Lancaster
Lobster Mac & Cheese Pie
2nd Place: Jeff & Casey Feins
Smoked Chicken & Sausage Pie
3rd Place: Tie
Jan Earp – Taco Pie
Sheila Meader Stratton – North
African Roast Chicken & Sweet
Potato Pie

One thought on “Pie Contest Winners!

  1. What happened to the amateur bakers only rule ? The winner runs a business called baked in maine ?

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