Call for actors, artists, poets, musicians to participate in Hallowell Variety Show

The Hallowell 250th committee is planning a Community Variety show to help celebrate Hallowell’s 250th Birthday. We are looking for acts, amateur and otherwise, that would include performance art including songs, skits, dances, monologues, and poetry recitation.

These should be:
1) something created related to any period of time in Hallowell; or
2) a song, reading etc. from any period, that may have been familiar in Hallowell or
3) a song, skit or reading written at any time that had a theme that ties into any period. For the latter, an example may be for the time block that contains the 1936 flood, a song about that flood from anywhere in the US or even floods in general could be considered as appropriate to that theme. People can submit material for others to perform if they do not wish to perform themselves.

The Variety show will be presented July 12, 13 and 14th. If you have any questions, contact Richard Bostwick at

Proposals are due April 7th and information should be sent to Richard Bostwick at

Auditions- Later on in April, we will audition people and their acts, as well as auditioning for people to read written material. We will also audition for people to be readers to perform the readings selected to introduce and keep the theme of the period block. People doing monologues and skits may also be asked if they would like to be reader as well. The performers don’t have to be from Hallowell, but the topic should be.