Pint-sized community action!

Story and photos by Nancy McGinnis
A number of Hall-Dale Elementary students, their parents, younger siblings and teachers convened at the Hallowell waterfront after school today (May 23, 2012) for a City Clean Up effort in honor of Hallowell’s 250th anniversary celebration (1762-2012).
The effort was launched by Noah and his sister Ava Katz with the logistical support of their mom, Stacey Mondschein Katz, of Hallowell. “Our family likes to go for walks around Hallowell, but it makes us sad to find trash and litter, which we pick up as we go,” said Noah in proposing the event before the Old Hallowell Day/250th anniversary committee earlier this year.
Armed with plastic gloves and trash bags, the young volunteers were cautioned by Old Hallowell Day Chair Jane Orbeton not to “pick up trees, broken glass, or dead animals,” before they departed, with their chaperones, to clean up along Front, Water and Second Streets. Besides the immediate improvement, the long term goal is to raise ongoing public awareness, and continue the beautification effort as an annual tradition. Well done!