Visit Vaughan Homestead on Old Hallowell Day

Saturday, July 21st, Noon-4:00

  • Following the Old Hallowell Day parade on Water St., take the trolley, drive, or walk up to the Homestead and join a Revolutionary War regiment of reenactors at their encampment overlooking the Kennebec River (for those with young children, musket fire will be loud)
  • Participate in a demonstration of colonial children’s games by Fort Western staff
  • Watch log hewing and metal smithing demonstrations
  • Take a self-guided tour of the Vaughan Home and the terraced perennial gardens
  • Hike the trails in the Vaughan Woods to see the arched bridges and dip your toes in the Vaughan Brook 
  • And when you need to take a rest, sit in the shade on the piazza for a spectacular view of the Kennebec River

Join us!  

Directions:  Do not rely on google maps or GPS to find us!  They will lead you astray!  We are at 2 Litchfield Rd at the 90 degree curve where Second St. becomes Litchfield Rd. in Hallowell.  From Second St., the homestead entrance is on your left.  There is a brick pillar on either side of the driveway.  The right one is marked as 2 Litchfield Rd. You will see a white building in the distance.  Parking is available.