Views of Old Hallowell Day 2012

Old Hallowell Day was birthday celebration to remember

By Michael Shepherd  in the Kennebec Journal, July 22, 2012

If you’ve ever been to an Old Hallowell Day event, “serious” probably isn’t the word you’d use to describe it. “I think everyone here is serious about celebrating our 250th anniversary,” Mayor Charlotte Warren said. “We really wanted to host the biggest party in central Maine.” read more.

Dancing candles and dragons following a giant birthday cake for the city’s 250th birthday was this year’s entry from the No Ha neighborhood group in the Old Hallowell Day parade along Water Street on Saturday morning.
Kennebec Journal Staff photo by Joe Phelan
Photos by Kennebec Journal photographer Joe Phelan online at the Maine Media Today – you can view a slide show!  Nice photos Joe!

A collection of over 600 Old Hallowell Day photos by Mark Huard of Central Maine Photography – hey, if you click through them fast, it’s like a movie!

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