As the year winds down, we would like to take a moment to thank all the wonderful people who contributed their time and creativity to the Hallowell 250th Celebration. It was a wonderful year!

Jane Orbeton – Co-chair
Gerry Mahoney – Co-chair

Richard Bachelder
Nancy Bell
Anne Berry
Richard Bostwick
Cary Colwell
Janis Cross
Larry Davis
Mary Lou Dyer
Deborah Fahy
Albert Hague
Joan Hague
Deanna Hallett
Laura Harper
Harmon Harvey
Jane Harvey
Ava Katz
Noah Katz
Robert Katz
Stacy Mondschein Katz
Ruth LaChance
Jeanne Langsdorf
Barbara Lord
Nancy McGinnis
Robert McIntire
Arthur Moore
Robert Moriarty
Jane Paxton
Katy Perry
Michael Starn
Muriel Surowiec
Jeffrey Thompson
Harvey Versteeg
Melicent Versteeg
Charlotte Warren
Sumner Webber
Anne Young

and of course…the City Hall Staff, Hallowell PD and Hallowell PW

Thank you all! See you in 50 years when we’ll do it all again!