2013 Old Hallowell Day Winners

Congratulations to all our Old Hallowell Day winners and thanks to everyone who entered and everyone who volunteered on our events! It was a great day!

Arts and Crafts

1st Place: Mind’s Eye Creation
2nd Place: Wandering Bard Works
3rd Place: Fresh Baked Jewels


1st Place: Nana Gagne
2nd Place: Donna Madore
3rd Place: Bart Beachard


1st Place: Tim Fortin and Blaine Fortin
2nd Place: Stephen Vellani and Andrew Vellani
3rd Place: Josh Vachon and Adam Gray

5K Road Race

1. Briar Beede 16:14.10
2. David Currier 16:32.50
3. Seth Hasty 17:27.30

1. Jenna Krajewski 18:42.40
2. Anne McKee 20:15.80
3. Rosalea Kimball 20:18.80


Grand Marshal

Most Original
1st Place: Scrummy Afters Candy Shoppe
2nd Place: On the Moon Tattoos

Favorite Antique Car
1st Place: David Silsby
2nd Place: Fred Mitton

Old Hallowell Spirit
1st Place: Rachel Craig-Tom Sturtevant Veterans for Peace
2nd Place: Kennebec Savings Bank

Best Merchant
1st Place: Age Right Fitness
2nd Place: The Bank of Maine Ice Vault

Best Environmental
1st Place: Harlow Gallery & artist Matt Barter’s Sideshow
2nd Place: Hallowell Tree Board

Best Youth Group
1st Place: Ampersand Academy of Dance
2nd Place: Hall-Dale Rec

Best Neighborhood
1st Place: Kennebec Valley Humane Society
2nd Place: Manchester Community Church

Best Performance: Dance
1st Place: Vicki’s School of Dance
2nd Place: Kennebec Dance

Best Performance: Music
1st Place: Hallowell Community Band
2nd Place: Maine Academy of Modern Music

Cupcake Contest

Most Scrumptious
1st Place: Bobbi Farrell (Vassalboro) – Lemonade Coolers
2nd Place: Bonnie Cunningham (Augusta) – Carrot Cupcake
3rd Place: Kristin Wranosky (Winthrop) – Pocket Full of Sunshine

Most Unique
1st Place: Kaitlin & Nancy Clifford (Augusta) – Balsamic Vinegar
2nd Place: Mark Doody (Westbrook) – Chocolate Mocha Blackberry w/Jalapeno Jam
3rd Place: Bobbi Farrell (Vassalboro) – Grammy’s Prune

Ages 12 & Under
1st Place: Maria Benoit (Hallowell) – Chocolate Ladybug
2nd Place: Rita Benoit (Hallowell) – Vanilla Bumblebees
3rd Place: Hazel Houghton (Hallowell) – Chocolate w/Raspberry – Mint & Raspberry

Ages 13 to 18
1st Place: Katie Johnson (Augusta) – Irish Car Bomb
2nd Place: Casey Colson (Augusta) – Pumpkin Chocolate w/Whipped Cream

1st Place: Kim Parent (Bath) – Lemon Strawberry w/White Chocolate Strawberry


1st Prize: Quilt: Larry Davis
2nd Prize: $250 in heating oil from Dead River: John Manning
3rd Prize: Cutting Board from Hallowell Workworks: Jim Sullivan
4th Prize: $25 to Scrummy Afters: Phil Lindley & Dawn Gallagher; Ethan Bessey; and Lori Greenberg

Bicycle Give-away

Aiden Beale, Farmingdale