2015 Old Hallowell Day Print Unveiled!

The 2015 Old Hallowell Day print by Chris Cart was unveiled at a reception on Thursday, June 18 at The Quarry Tap Room in downtown Hallowell. The posters are available for sale at Boyton’s Market, Hallowell City Hall and signed copies for sale at Chris Cart’s studio Gallery, 3 Page St. All proceeds go to fund Old Hallowell Day doings.


Christopher Cart’s original acrylic painting, “Up the Lazy River”, is a lively and whimsical rendering of boaters enjoying adventures along the Hallowell waterfront. Chris is a Maine native, but his work, including sculpture, illustration, and printmaking as well as painting also reflects the time he lived and worked in Guadalajara, Mexico and Seattle, Washington. His current focus is mostly on figurative work. In Hallowell, which he has called home for the past two decades, Cart recently created a striking mural at The Quarry Tap Room on Water Street, commemorating historic Hallowell of the 1890’s— with the addition of a few familiar faces from more contemporary times.

Find out more about the artist by visiting his website: christophercart.com

Chris Cart