Down with the Crown!

Stop by Hallowell’s Down with the Crown booth located in the parking area adjacent to Berry & Berry Florists on Central Street from 9am until 2pm on Old Hallowell Day, Saturday, July 15th
That’s right, the roadwork project now has a name “Down with the Crown” and a logo, concept and sketch by Sam Webber with the final design by Chris Cart to be unveiled on Old Hallowell Day!
The Down with the Crown booth will provide information about Hallowell’s upcoming roadwork reconstruction project and the many ways to get involved and volunteer for an event or to serve on one of the committees. There are lots of plans in the works, and many volunteers will be needed to make them happen. They will have handouts and brochures about the project and how to get involved.
The booth will also be a chance to do some early fundraising to help support the community events that will take place during the project. Along with the renderings of the completed project, we will also have on display a sample of a unique commemorative art piece to be created from original Hallowell sidewalk bricks by local artist Allison McKeen. They will be taking pre-orders and payment (preferably checks) all day.
Down with the Crown hopes to spread the word and create excitement to get more people on board to help ensure that Hallowell not only survives but thrives during the 2018 Water Street reconstruction!
Stop by and sign up to help keep Hallowell humming through 2018!


Logo Sketch
Concept sketch by Sumner Webber, Hallowell City Historian