Meet Hall-Dale’s Robotics Team

Be sure to stop by the PUC parking lot at the corner of Second and Winthrop Streets on 11am to 3pm on Old Hallowell Day to meet Hall-Dale High School’s Robotics Team,  REM Delta Prime Robotics. The students will demonstrate various robots they built and programmed over the past few years, including the latest steampunk themed robot from this past season. Proceeds from a bake sale and 50/50 raffle will help the team build next year’s robot.

Take a ride on their hover chair!

Play Frisbee with a robot!

Take a selfie with a robot!

Learn how Delta Prime Robotics builds and operates their robot, how competitions work and what they do throughout the year!

Find out what FIRST Robotics Competition is all about!




Week 1 (2).JPG

Week 4 1-30-2017 (21).JPG

Week 4 2-2-17 (13)