Stone Carving Demo

Visit 223 Water Street on Old Hallowell Day from 8am to 4pm for Hallowell’s first public stone carving demonstration in years.

About the artist, Jon Doody

I work as a carver and sculptor, using  reclaimed and salvaged materials, primarily wood and stone.  Whenever possible, I use materials sourced locally.  This includes native Maine woods like pine, birch, and maple, and Maine stone including limestone,  slate, and granite.  I work in non local materials as well, as long as they are uniquely recovered or reclaimed.  I strongly believe in the concept of being a responsible steward of resources and in finding the best possible use of materials that would otherwise be discarded.

I work with hand tools as much as I can, as I find the excessive use of power tools in my art too aggressive both for the finer physical details and for my personality.  Simpler and slower tools provides a finer level of control and a greater focus for what I am trying to accomplish in spirit and intent.  Like my choice of materials, I would rather work with refurbished antique, self made, or locally made tools.  I prefer to work outdoors, believing that natural light in the open shapes my work most effectively.

I triy to follow in the local tradition of New England artisans and craftsmen.  I use themes and concepts of my Acadian and Irish ancestry, as well as from traditional New England maritime, graveyard art, and folk art.  I also get inspiration from the woods and fields of Maine.  I describe what I make as building physical stories more than making art.  For example, I have made sculptures of classical beasts from wood reclaimed from the farm of a friend, with tools that belonged to my grandfather, finished in paints my mother has used.

I approach my works as a way of being able to show respect and awareness to the deeper connections in my world.  Like my materials, my works are all one of a kind.  Each piece is an individual, and provides a tangible example to the relationships with materials, culture, and history.