2018 Citizens of the Year Eric and Pam Young Perry

Eric and Pam Young Perry have been selected as the Old Hallowell Day Citizens of the Year for 2018.  Both were born and raised in Hallowell, and have chosen to raise their own family– Rebecca, Hannah, and Matthew– here. Between them, Eric and Pam have tirelessly served on Hallowell’s Comprehensive Planning Committee, Board of Appeals, Fire Station Committee, Hubbard Library board of trustees, and more. Eric’s Hallowell-based small business, E.J. Perry Construction Company, has sponsored Hall-Dale youth soccer and softball teams, the Little League, and the Boosters Club. In addition to supporting all things Hallowell from Gaslight Theater to the Adirondack chairs on the boardwalk to Hallowell’s Museum in the Streets, E.J. Perry has been a major sponsor of Old Hallowell Day and also of the fireworks for years.

photo taken by Nancy McGinnis/communicado!

5 thoughts on “CITIZEN OF THE YEAR

  1. Congratulations, Kay. – so pleased to hear good news regarding an old neighbor.

    Bud and Alice Brooks

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