2018 Fireworks Dedications

Thank you to all who support a grand Old Hallowell Day tradition!

Want to print your own poster with all the dedications? Do so here.

Colossal Colossus ($100)

“Linda, you’ll see this all the way up there. Enjoy!”
-Pat & Xena

“Supporting a great tradition in a great community – The Ridges and Carriage House at Blais Properties”
-Steve Blais

“For Barry!” (2)
– Margot Sullivan

“Happy Old Hallowell Day to our super roommates at the Cute Cape and Governor’s Grange” (2)
-Mark & Grace

“For Rebecca, Hannah and Race” (3)
-E. J. Perry Construction Co. Inc.

-Steve Blais

Quality Copy

Deluxe Dyno Dynamite ($60)

“For Jake, Syd, Cole, Grace, Marinn, Abby and Emma” (7)
-E. J. Perry Construction Co. Inc.

Big Blow Up ($50)

“Light up the skies”

“Best fireworks in the State of Maine. Enjoy!”
-Don & Monique Caron

“In memory of the best Hallowellians, Don and Lynn Huff”
-Larry and Donna Davis

“Dedicated to my great friend, David Agronick: “The Best Hot Rodder””
-Larry Davis

“Hallowell’s new Downtown is fantastic!”
-Larry and Donna Davis

“Hallowell rocks!”
-The Honorable Shenna Bellows

Big Boy/Big Bang ($40)

“For our kids and grandkids” (2)
-Jane & Jim

Tiger Tail ($30)

-Phineas, Knox, Gabriella

Red Heart ($20)

“Fight for Democracy”
Pola Buckley

“”Behold, now is a very acceptable time” 2 Cor 6:2 Let’s begin.”
-Martin Spahn

“For Peter”
-Anne Carter

“To all the great and wonderful characters who made Hallowell special – Allen, Wes, Dot, George, Barry, Timmy, Olga, Jim, Fred, Jean, Kathy, Karen, etc.”
-Larry and Donna Davis

“If you’re too weird for Hallowell, then you are too weird!”
-Larry Davis

“Fire booms for William! Love, Mom and Dad.”
-Jonathan French

“Here’s to the OHD Committee! Thank you for your time and dedication to Hallowell.”
-Valerie Marr Ross

Mickey Mouse ($10)

“To my wife, Lauren – thank you for another year of blissful marriage!”
-Laura H. Harper

“Old Hallowell Day 2018! Mickey Mouse approves!”
-Jeffrey A. Fairfield

“Sam Flynn – Best Island Girl!”
-Larry and Donna Davis

“I love you Mal, Zeke, Isaac and Micah! Love, Nana <3”
-Dan Morgan