Anything Goes As Long As It’s Flat Bake Off

FOR 2018 ONLY – Anything Goes As Long As It’s Flat Bake Off

8:30 am – 11 am
Come enjoy the results of people baking their best and most original with our theme-“anything goes as long as it’s flat” – think cookies, brownies, bruschetta, tortillas… Contestants must bring a flat item that is divided into 12 equal portions or 12 individual serving items, such as cookies.  The categories are: best flat savory and best flat dessert.  Prizes for adult and under 15 for first and second places for each category.  NOTE new time! Entry drop off begins at 8:30 and the contest starts promptly at 9:30 am!!  Bring your friends and family and check out the unique entries!  Allcontest entries will be sold for $1.00 per piece.

Location: Slates Bakery Parking Lot at Union & Water Streets