Old Hallowell Day Prints

↑ 2011 artist David Beaudoin ↑

↑ 2010 artist Helene Farrar ↑

↑ 2009 artist Barbara Loken ↑

↑ 2008 artist Juanita Longwell ↑

↑ 2007 artist Christine Sullivan ↑

↑ 2006 artist Sandy Dunn ↑

↑ 2005 artist Chris Cart ↑

↑ 2004 artist Paul Plumer ↑

↑ 2003 artist Sandra L. Dunn ↑

↑ 2002 artist Connie Ottman ↑

↑ 2001 artist Kay Morris ↑

↑ 2000 artist Linda Murray ↑

↑ 1999 artist Paul Plumer ↑

↑ 1998 artist Linda Murray ↑

↑ 1997 artist Kay Morris ↑

↑ 1996 artist Rita G. Beuttel ↑

↑ 1995 artist Florence Daly ↑

↑ 1994 artist Kay Morris ↑

↑ 1993 artist Marc Poirier ↑

↑ 1992 artist Paul Plumer ↑

↑ 1991 artist Florence Daly ↑

↑ 1990 artist Ray Skolfield ↑

12 thoughts on “Old Hallowell Day Prints

  1. can you tell me if it is possible to buy the OHD prints from 2000 on? The last year I have is 2002. Thank you!

    1. Hi Lesley, it certainly is! Follow this link to see all the Old Hallowell Day prints from years gone by are available for purchase: https://oldhallowellday.org/shop/
      Cost is $12 per print, plus $6 shipping and handling per order for up to 6 prints.
      If you follow the link you can order via paypal there, or email us at oldhallowellday@gmail with a list of the prints you want and an address where we should mail them. Send a check made out to “Old Hallowell Day“ to:

      Old Hallowell Day Prints
      PO Box 84
      Hallowell, ME 04347

  2. Having spent the days days of my childhood riding bikes on the dirt road behind the stores (my father had an antique shop in Hallowell – Ben’s Americana), Hallowell is rather sentimental. Is it possible to obtain copies of these prints, or has anyone thought of putting a book together commemorating them?

    1. Roy at Renaissance Gallery says “1990s Ray Scholfield was the first of the modern series. My understanding is that prior to that they hand pulled silk screen images & produced in very small numbers. I have only seen a couple from the mid ’70s. Would be interesting to know what some of the earlier ones were. Anyway. what we have starts in 1990.” We’d love to post images from those earlier years if anyone has them to share!

  3. I am looking for a print of the park in Hallowell, thought that one of the prints on Old Hallowell Days had the park on it one year, it was 2000. I had the print but it was lost when I moved back to Georgia. Please research this for me and let me know how I can obtain/purchase another print. It was a very special time in my life, living in Maine for 5 years in Hallowell.

    1. Hi Deborah, I think you are referring to print by Linda Murray of the stone bridge in Vaughn Woods. Unfortunately that one has been sold out for some time. Occasionally they appear in local stores dealing with antiques and vintage art. Here in Hallowell. You might contact some of the antique dealers. Here’s a link to the antiques page on the Hallowell Board of Trade website. Best of luck! -Deb Fahy

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