Old Hallowell Day 2016 – Music Schedule

11:00 Hallowell Community Band, Cotton Mill Apartment Courtyard, Water Street

Noon The Boneheads, City Bandstand, Water Street

1:30 Boogie Mob, City Bandstand, Water Street

3:00 Mes Amis, City Bandstand, Water Street

4:30 Maggie Coffin, City Bandstand, Water Street

6:00 The Whitefields, City Bandstand, Water Street

7:30 Maine Dead Project, City Bandstand, Water Street


The Hallowell Community Band

Organized in 1948, the band will continue their tradition of entertaining you with many old favorites. Members range in age from their teens through their eighties – plus! This mix gives the band the enthusiasm of youth along with the experience of elders.


The Boneheads

Celebrating their 25th year together, The Boneheads return to the Old Hallowell Day stage. They have been an integral and influential part of the Hallowell music scene since their early gigs at the Kennebec Wharf. Come join this exceptional group of musicians as they kick off this year’s music schedule.


Boogie Mob

Boogie Mob is a dance band that blends classic songs with current material with the intent of getting people moving and grooving! Jonah Howard, lead singer/guitarist, formed the group a few years ago and they have continued to build a reputation as a fun band that you will want to hear!


Mes Amis

Central Maine’s premier proponents of “gypsy jazz”. The music of Mes Amis is infectious, appealing to listeners young and old alike with insistent rhythms, bouncing bass lines and sweetly intricate melodies. They’ll be playing numbers from their brilliant new 2014 release “Tomorrow Is Another Day”


Maggie Coffin Combo

Although still in her teens, Maggie Coffin is already a refined yet powerful singer. At the tender age of 17 Maggie wowed the audience at the 2013 annual John Lennon concert in New York City — with none other than Yoko Ono in the crowd! Backed by the always exciting Robby Coffin Combo this show is not to be missed.


The Whitefields

It’s probably best to let The Whitefields describe themselves…

“From the pits of Whitefield, we like all styles of music and have been known to acoustify anything. We also love harmony. Back in Whitefield, we harmonize with each other, lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners, children crying, bumble bees, and rushing water.”


The Maine Dead Project

In late spring of 2015, this group of seasoned musicians came together to play a weekly residency in Portland, Maine. Word caught on fast that these guys were ambitious players who were not afraid to take the material to new places. The Maine Dead Project brings their own fresh perspective to the Grateful Dead’s music, while retaining the core spirit and ethos of a live ‘Dead show.


5 thoughts on “MUSIC

  1. Hi, My name is Deb Ripley. I am Bob “Croce” White’s manager. I am writing to inquire about him doing a gig (show) there at your fair during the 2015 season. He is a solo artist with an acoustic guitar. Would this be something you may entertain the idea of at your location or do you only do full bands? His prices for a one hour show are as follows:
    1 show $75
    2 shows $125
    3 shows $150

    one 2 hour show $125

    If you need more information or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks in advance.

  2. I am with Martin Swinger and would also like to be included in your performance line-up. I have sent an Electronic Press Kit for your consideration.
    PS – Martin is awesome and I look forward to the next time we run across each other.

  3. There was a band playing outside at the end of the building (by the food concession stands) on a platform around 8:30pm. It was a female vocalist and she was very good. Could you provide me with the name of the band?

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