Music Schedule – Old Hallowell Day 2018

11:00 Hallowell Community Band, Cotton Mill Apartment Courtyard, Water Street

11:00 Mark Horn,Vaughan Field (as part of Super Fun in Motion!)

Noon Swingtime, City Bandstand, Water Street

1:30 Primo Cubano, City Bandstand, Water Street

3:00 Mes Amis, City Bandstand, Water Street

4:30 The Cavemen, City Bandstand, Water Street

6:00 Tim Sullivan Band, City Bandstand, Water Street

7:30 Hallowell Does Neil Young, City Bandstand, Water Street

The Hallowell Community Band
Organized in 1948, the Hallowell Community Band will continue their tradition of entertaining you with many old favorites. Members range in age from their teens through their eighties – plus! This mix gives the band the enthusiasm of youth along with the experience of elders.

Mark Horn
Come listen to music by Mark Horn. Children and families are invited to the 6th Annual Super Fun in Motion! hosted by The Hearts for Ezra Foundation.  Super Fun in Motion! is a super amazing children’s event celebrating how strong and active our bodies can be.

Kicking off this year’s entertainment is perennial favorites Swingtime! Elaine Bender and her crew of exceptional local players return to Old Hallowell Day with a fabulous collection of songs from the golden age of American music. Whether dancing or just listening, everyone is sure to enjoy the sounds of Swingtime!

Primo Cubano
We’re so pleased to welcome back one of our favorite acts to Old Hallowell Day. Primo Cubano plays traditional Cuban dance music dating back to the turn of the 20th Century. Son is the most popular style to come out of Cuba and is the primary contributor to the blend of Latin styles today known as Salsa. It was first a music of the country people and eventually migrated to Havana and now with Primo Cubano to Maine.

Mes Amis
Mes Amis means “my friends,” but it also means Gypsy Jazz! Led by guitarist, vocalist and composer Steve Lynnworth – and featuring Shane Ellis on clarinet and saxophone, Harry Richter on rhythm guitar and Wells Gordon on upright bass – the quartet plays an infectious mix of traditional Gypsy, Latin and American jazz standards along with many of Steve’s original compositions. Appealing to listeners young and old alike, the insistent rhythms, bouncing bass lines and sweetly intricate melodies are easy on the ears for those unfamiliar with jazz, and yet can stand the scrutiny of an aficionado. As it was so aptly put by Rich Tozier, host of MPBN Radio’s Jazz Tonight, “Who couldn’t like that?”

The Cavemen
Fronted by Hallowell icon Jeffrey Farnsworth (also of Alter Igor, and alumnus of The Weasels, The Upsetters and The Wavebreakers), The Cavemen always get the crowd going.  These boys thump to the stalwart rhythm section of Greg “ The Shiv” Lindholm on bass and Derek “D-Rock” Gannett on drums (Both of School Street Band fame). This little combo really manages to produce a surprising amount of noise, so…dig it!

Tim Sullivan Band
Tim Sullivan has a long history of popular musical projects in Maine. He is currently the leader of both The Maine Dead Project and The Shakes. Tim recently released his third solo CD “From The Root Cellar” to rave reviews. From the first downbeat The Tim Sullivan Band will have you dancing with their powerful groove.

Hallowell does Neil Young
The folks who brought us tributes to The Last Waltz, Woodstock, Tom Petty, and Bob Dylan are turning their attention this Old Hallowell Day to the music of Neil Young. Some of our hometown’s finest musicians once again come together to honor the enduring music of a rock and roll legend



5 thoughts on “MUSIC

  1. Hi, My name is Deb Ripley. I am Bob “Croce” White’s manager. I am writing to inquire about him doing a gig (show) there at your fair during the 2015 season. He is a solo artist with an acoustic guitar. Would this be something you may entertain the idea of at your location or do you only do full bands? His prices for a one hour show are as follows:
    1 show $75
    2 shows $125
    3 shows $150

    one 2 hour show $125

    If you need more information or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks in advance.

  2. I am with Martin Swinger and would also like to be included in your performance line-up. I have sent an Electronic Press Kit for your consideration.
    PS – Martin is awesome and I look forward to the next time we run across each other.

  3. There was a band playing outside at the end of the building (by the food concession stands) on a platform around 8:30pm. It was a female vocalist and she was very good. Could you provide me with the name of the band?

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